May 18 International Museum Day: Traveling in the sea , a boat…


Sunday, May 18 at 5pm
State Tactile Museum Omero , Ancona

Workshop for families and children from 4 to 10 years

In occasion of the International Day of Museums, based on theme "Museums collections, make connections", we will read together a tactile books dedicated to the sea and to travel - "Gaia and the Sea" , "Once Upon a time there was a boat "- and then we will create a tactile book with the help of mom and dad in the laboratory.

The theme of the 2014 "Make connections with collections" recalls that museums are alive institutions, which help to create connections with visitors, between generations and cultures, and they give a possible answer to the issues of the contemporary world.

The event, created by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, belongs also to Great Museums Tour 2014, sponsored by the Marche Region with the support of the Museum Systems in the cities of Ancona and Macerata, Italy ICOM and the collaboration of the Ministry of Heritage and cultural Activities - Regional Directorate for cultural Heritage and Landscape of Marche. Grand Tour of Museums takes place during the Festival of Museums of Regione Marche Happy Museum. The initiative is possible because of help of the National Civil Service Volunteers, the European Voluntary Service, the Association for the State Tactile Museum Omero NPO and trainees.


Reservations required.
Where: State Tactile Museum Omero - Mole Vanvitelliana, Banchian Giovanni da Chio 28 , Ancona.
Admission: € 3 per person, excluding children 0-4 years old, disabled and companion.
IKEA FAMILY member discount : 2,50 € per person.
Tel 071 28 1193 5