Touching art on the radio

Slash Radio Web presented a series of forty-minute Art Lessons by the staff of the Museo Omero, at 3.10 pm every Thursday from 2 April until June 18. They were for everyone and gave detailed descriptions of the art works to make the transmission fully accessible.

In this troubled year, digital channels and platforms have proved to be vitally important for keeping in touch with other people.  Radio, however, continues to be a favourite channel for blind people, indeed for many years it was the only accessible one.

The Museo Omero has therefore decided to establish a presence on the radio where we talk about Art, needless to say. We have therefore launched a new programme called "Touching Art on the Radio" in collaboration with Slash Radio Web, the official radio of the Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted. The journalist Chiara Gargioli presents the live broadcast.

Previous episodes
(audios are only available in Italian)

2 April - Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and tactile art by Andrea Socrati
9 April - Surrealism and the vindication of the senses by Annalisa Trasatti
16 April - Around the Museums with Aldo Grassini
23 April - Loreno Sguanci: sensitive hands that generate emotions by Andrea Socrati
30 April - Michelangelo Buonarroti at the Omero Museum: the expression of sentiment by Alessia Varricchio
7 May - Arte povera and the values ​​of tactility (Homage to Germano Celant) by Annalisa Trasatti 
14 May - Rhythm of sounds, rhythm of colours. The relationship between the art of the Greek temples and the art of Warhol and beyond by Giulia Cester
21 May - Wood: a living material. A meeting with Aron Demetz by Monica Bernacchia
28 May - Pinuccio Sciola and the sonorous stones. Andrea Socrati talks with Maria Sciola
4 June - The clay shall say: Aldo Grassini meets Paolo Annibali
11 June - Sergio Zanni Lands and plains - Meeting with the artist by Monica Bernacchia
18 June - Girolamo Ciulla and the warmth of travertine - Interview with the sculptor by Annalisa Trasatti