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Sensi d’Estate 2019 Multisensory path


18 series – Multisensory paths of art, theatre, music, aromas and flavours
Every Wednesday from the 17th of July to the 21st of August 2019

Live shows

  • Wednesday 17 July, 21:30

    Musical tale inspired by the book Napolide, written by Erri De Luca and interpreted by Iaia Forte, while the music is edited by the band Anèma. This is a journey through the beauties and contradictions of a people which is unique in the world.
  • Wednesday 24 July, 21:30

    Twenty artists from the Compagnia Step are going to be singing, dancing and performing songs of the most beautiful and famous musicals of Brodway: “Chicago”, “Grease”, “Mamma mia”, “Beauty and the beast” and more, come enjoy the evening with us!
  • Wednesday 31 July, 21:30

    The actress Stefania Terrè is back with a new performance of another strong woman. This year is Caterina, a complex character who tells her story in an open and ironic way. Directed by Antonio Lovascio and the music is edited by Gershwin Quintet.
  • Wednesday 07 August, 21:30

    Tatiana Vanderlei – soprano
    Max Jota – tenor
    Silvia Ercolani – accompanist Meister
    In collaboration with the Amici della Lirica “Franco Corelli” of Ancona, the concert includes an exceptional cast. Come enjoy the most famous Opera arias!
  • Wednesday 14 August, 21:30

    The reading – concert called “La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano” by Luca Talevi and Federico Paolinelli is something between a theatrical version and a real concert. In this way, the adaptation of the Tornatore’s movie and the wonderful pieces by Morricone become a wonderful show.
  • Wednesday 21 August, 21:30

    Rodolfo Bersaglia proposes a narration of the itineraries of the artists through the time in our Marca Anconetana in a narrative way. From Olivuccio to Lorenzo Lotto, the art travelers who passed through Ancona with their works which composed our museum heritage.

Aperitivi at MicaMole!

From 6.00 PM you can taste the excellent “apericena” at Mica Mole, the new coffee bar in the court managed by the Social Cooperative “Lavoriamo Insieme” of Loreto. Reservation at the following number: 335 65 99 295.


The rooms of the Museo Omero and the “RABARAMA and the young artists” exhibition are open from 9.00 PM to midnight on the days of the shows.
During the exhibition you can touch the sculptures, browse the tactile books and listen to some musical compositions: the works include two famous pieces by Rabarama plus the ones from students who were selected at the contest Biennale Arteinsieme, inspired by the sculptress and the Maestro Michele Mariotti.


The shows are outdoors, in the court of the Mole Vanvitelliana: seats are limited (reservations are accepted only for people with disabilities). In case of rain the shows will take place at the Auditorium “O. Tamburi” – Mole Vanvitelliana. 
As always, the spectators will be able to support the Association “Per il Museo Tattile Statale Omero Onlus”.
The shows of Sensi d’estate 2019 are realized by the Museo Tattile Statale Omero in collaboration with the Comune di Ancona – La Mole Ancona, Opera Società Cooperativa, Association “Per il Museo Tattile Statale Omero” ONLUS and with the support of the volunteers of the Servizio Civile Nazionale.

Free entry at the Museo Omero and the exhibition “Rabarama e i giovani artisti”
Opening times: July and August
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 17-20
Friday, Sunday and non-working days 10-13 e 17-20
Every Wednesday of “Sensi d’Estate” from 21 to 24.
Free guided visits of the exhibition, every day at 6.00 PM
Guided visits of the museum under reservation: 4,00 euro per person; groups (minimum of 10) 3,70 euro per person.
Free entry: children 0 – 4 years old, people with disability and their helpers.

Last entry 30 minuts before the closing time.
Museo Tattile Statale Omero – Mole Vanvitelliana
Banchina Giovanni da Chio, 28
60121 Ancona
Tel + 39 071.2811935
#museoomero #sensidestate2019

15 – 22 June 2019: Feeling the Eternal Masterpieces of Egypt

Triad of king Menkaura

Italy promotes a special Path for the Visually Impaired at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

On 20th of June 2019 the Minister of Antiquities of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Prof. Dr. Khaled el-Anany, and the Ambassador of Italy in Cairo, H.E. Giampaolo Cantini, will inaugurate a special itinerary for the visually impaired at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square.

The initiative has been developed by the Italian Archaeological Centre of the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum and the “Museo Tattile Statale Omero” in Ancona, in the framework of the program “Vivere all’Italiana” of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

As superpowers of cultural heritage, Italy and Egypt share the common interest to allowing everybody access to eternal masterpieces of ancient art. Accessibility to cultural heritage for visually impaired is a very important challenge. Italy offers its solid experience in this field to respond to the Egyptian authorities willingness to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities in access to Museums and their artefacts.

The new special itinerary relies upon the expertise of the Omero Museum in Ancona, where visually impaired enjoy art with the rest of the public.
The new path at Tahrir Museum is ready to be expanded and the whole initiative can be replicated in other museums. The main aim of the initiative is sharing with Egypt the Italian know-how in the field through a capacity building approach. The training course dedicated to museum operators, scheduled from 16th to 19th of June, is in fact a very significant and emblematic part of the program.

The itinerary includes twelve masterpieces of the Egyptian art from the whole pharaonic history. Every object in the path is made in very hard Egyptian stone (such as granite and greywacke) and it can be touched and acknowledged with labels in Braille language and electronic audio devices.

The special itinerary includes:

  1. The Narmer Palette, Early Dynastic, Reign of Narmer, ca. 2960 BC
  2. Triad of king Menkaura, Old Kingdom, 4th dynasty, ca. 2494-2472 BC
  3. Pyramidion of the pyramid of king Amenemhat III, Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty, ca. 1842-1794 BC
  4. Sphinx of king Amenemhat III, III, Middle Kingdom, XII dynasty, ca. 1842-1794 BC
  5. Sennefer and his wife Senay, Reign of Amenhotep II (1428-1397BC), New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 1428-1397 BC
  6. King Amenhotep II with the goddess Meretseger, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty
  7. Statue of Amenhotep son of Hapu, Reign of Amenhotep III, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 1387-1350 BC
  8. Seated statue of goddess Sekhmet, Reign of king Amenhotep III, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 1387-1350 BC
  9. Striding colossal statue for the king Ramses II (1279-1213 BC), Reign of Ramses II, New Kingdom, 19th dynasty, 1279-1213 BC
  10. Anthropoid sarcophagus with lid for Pedisematawy, Reign of Psametik II, Late Period, 26th dynasty, 595 BC – 589 BC
  11. Embalming table, Late Period, 26th dynasty
  12. Coiled serpent of Asklepios, Greek god of medicine, Roman Period, 2nd century AD
Seated statue of  goddess Sekhmet
Braille, reading pen, tactile map

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“RABARAMA and the young artists” exhibition

rabarama e la sua scultura in-cinta

1st of June – 1st of September 2019
Museo Tattile Statale Omero – Ancona

Bodies, recipients of souls in perpetual transformation and connected to each other, they give us the sense of our being unique and irreproducible.

In the exhibition we have on display three of Rabarama’s scultures and the artworks from the students who were selected as finalists in the contest for the Biennal Arteinsieme.

Inspired by the aesthetics and poetics of the artist, students from art schools and art academies realised multisensorial works while the students from primary and secondary schools created tactile books: works accessible also to blind people. There is also an area of the exhibition where it’s possible to listen to audio tracks composed by students on the theme of the orchestra inspired by Conductor Michele Mariotti.

Free Entrance

Hours June and September
From Tuesday to Sabato 16-19
Sundays and Holidays 10-13 and 16-19

Hours July and August
From Tuesday to Thursday and on Saturdays 17-20
Fridays, Sunday and Holidays 10-13 and 17-20

Last entry 30 minutes before closing hour.

inaugurazione mostra Rabarama e i giovani artisti in Auditorium
Rabarama firma gli autografi ai giovani artisti
rabarama e la vincitrice Alessia Crema
scultura Vid, Rabarama