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Art at Portonovo: Felice Tagliaferri at Incontro con l’autore


4 July to 18 September 2011.
Hotel Fortino Napoleonico Portonovo (AN).
Inauguration 4 July 2011 at 7 pm.

The 23rd Meet the Artist features works by a unique personality, who bursts on to the scene with his growing notoriety and esteem: a non-sighted sculptor, Felice Tagliaferri instils his profound perception of realty into marble and clay. His sculptures are made to be touched and explored by loving and curious hands, given that their form and meaning come from the guiding and controlling touch of their maker’s hands behind the chiselling or modelling of the material.

Tagliaferri has always worked to make art barrier-free, open to tactile enjoyment: this is one of the reasons that he has long been in fruitful contact with the Museo Omero, Ancona. In 2006, he founded a school of the plastic arts, la Chiesa dell’Arte, at Sala Bolognese, which is open to everyone, with or without disability, where touch is not only a sense used for perception but also a means of communication.
Apart from their powerful idealistic component, his works are admirable for the mastery in his inventivity and the finish of the forms, the rendering of the meanings, sentiments and expressions that permeate and animate his creations.

There is much of the human in his art and in the vital force that affirms itself when he gives form to the material but above all, it is the trace of that divine sense which transcends and gives eternity to things that is revealed.

This show at the Fortino Napoleonico, is a timely anticipation of the September exhibition of Felice Tagliaferri’s masterpiece, “Cristo rivelato” in Ancona, which coincides with the papal mass at the Congresso Eucaristico Nazionale. It also places the artist’s intense sculptures in the natural beauty of Portonovo bay, in the care of its genius loci: the marble hair blown by a wind of passion and the fleeting smiles that grace his female figures come alive here, in the echo of the lapping waves and the pungent perfume of the sea breeze.

The event is organized by the Galleria d’arte L’incontro, Ancona and the Fortino Napoleonico, with the collaboration of the Museo Omero (which has loaned some of Tagliaferri’s works from its collection), Effetto Luce, Recanati (illumination), Lucesole srl (transporting the statues) and Unipol Assicurazioni (insurance).


Open: 4 July to 18 September 2011.
5.30 to 11 pm.
Admission: free.

European Voluntary Service: two young people from Belgium at the Museo Omero for a year’s training

Logo Servizio Volontario Europeo

Young people in action

The Museo Tattile Statale Omero will welcome two young volunteers from Belgium for a whole year starting from 6 July 2011, as part of the “Young people in action” programme which is promoted and financed by the European Union to support international voluntary service. The two young people from Liege, Alessia Sanges aged 28 and Kestelin Thomas aged 26, will live in the city of Ancona and will be actively collaborating with the Museo Omero staff in their many initiatives, including the summer “Sensi d’estate 2011” series, all the activities in the Artistic and Aesthetic Education for the Visually-handicapped programme, as well as the learning workshops and active visits specially designed for both schools and the general public.

“Young people in action” promotes this unusual and enriching learning experience which is aimed at young Europeans aged between 18 and 30, and gives them the chance to learn about a different culture, learn another language, come into contact with an association and a way of working where their voluntary activities are entirely for the benefit of the community. European voluntary service projects can be for individuals or groups and can last from a minimum of three weeks up to one year.
After an initial phase of accreditation with the National Young People’s Agency, the Museo Omero, as coordinator and host, presented a one-year project entitled “Touch, Feel, Create – Adapting art to visual impairment” which was judged positively and approved. The Museum, which has been promoting barrier-free culture for years has decided to confront yet another intercultural challenge, and encourage the interchange of professional and human experience which underpins the whole idea of European citizenship. So far, the Museo Omero in its didactic capacity has educated 4 young Italian volunteers from the Servizio Civile Nazionale, 2 young volunteers from the European Voluntary Service and a trainee.