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The Manzù Exhibition “L’avventura di Ulisse”

Photo of sculpture: Amanti, 1981, bronze by Giacomo Manzù

23 July to 6 November 2005,
Mole Vanvitelliana, Banchina da Chio, Ancona.

Opening on Friday 22 July at 6.30 pm at the Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, the “Manzù: l’avventura di Ulisse”exhibition, a joint project between our Museum and the Studio Copernico of Milan, is an event of national importance.

Designed by Alberto Fiz, Erich Steingräber and Marco Vallora, the exhibition explores the myth of Ulysses through 50 works that comprehensively illustrate Giacomo Manzù’s artistic evolution, from 1940 up to his last works of 1986.

The fact that the exhibition had to be readable through touch made the selection of the scuptures particulary challenging. Both famous and lesser-known works are featured: from the well-known “Cardinals” (created between the 1940s and the 1980s) to the works dedicated to his fascinating wife Inge Schabel. The exhibition enjoys the support of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali and Ancona City Council. The Regione Marche and the Provincia di Ancona have provided generous financial contributions.

Admission: full price 5 euros; concessions for pensioners, young adults aged 18 to 25, teachers, associations: 4 euros; groups of over twenty people, children and young people aged 6 to 18: 3 euros; schools, teachers, assistants 2 euros; children under 6 and the disabled: free; family ticket: 10 euros.

Opening times: Tuesday – Thursday from 4pm to 8pm; Friday – Sunday from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 11pm; schools can book a visit for any day.

Information and guided tours: Museo Tattile Statale Omero, tel. 071 28 11 93 5, email:
Tickets tel. 071 52 56 9. Guided tour: 2 euros for groups of at least twenty people.

“The Memory of Antiquity” exhibition travels to Croatia

Photo taken during the opening ceremony showing Roberto Farroni of the Museo Omero, Cyrille Gouyette of the Louvre and Laura Lada of the Archaeological Museum of Split

7 July – 15 October 2005
Archaeological Museum, Split

The “D’après l’Antique. The Memory of Antiquity” exhibition, designed by the Museo Omero in collaboration with the Louvre, was inaugurated on Thursday 7 July in Croatia. After its successful run at the Mole Vanvitelliana, the exhibition has been transferred to the famous “Muzej Hrvatskih Arheoloskih Spomenika” Archeological Museum, Split, thus strengthening the continuing excellent cultural relations between the twinned cities. The head of the “Hrvatskih Arheoloskih Spomenika” museum, Ante Milosevic, the local authorities and the governors of Split were present to welcome the exhibition and the head of the Museo Statale Tattile Omero, Roberto Farroni, and CyrilleGouyette of the Louvre. Almost all the works displayed at the Mole Vanvitelliana can now be enjoyed by the residents and the many tourists who come to Split in the summer.

Mr Farroni and Mr Milosevic jointly cut the tape at 8 pm, surrounded by the large crowd of people who had queued to visit the Museum. The exhibition includes casts of well-known statues taken from the original, such as the Venus de Milo, the Spinario (boy removing a thorn from his foot), the Borghese Gladiator and the Winged Victory of Samothrace; the most significant and evocative works of the artistic imagination.
As Roberto Farroni writes in the specially printed catalogue, on show during the opening ceremony, “Culture is the element that can create links between different countries. Culture is an instrument that can break down barriers, even sensory ones. Culture nourishes the growth of man. The collaboration between the Museo Omero and the Louvre has been developing in this direction and has grown to include a third voice from the opposite coast of the Adriatic Sea, thanks to the intervention of the Muzej Hrvatskih Arheoloških Spomenika. There will be further occasions where we will collaborate to promote the idea that tactile exploration not only offers the visually handicapped a real and valuable way to enjoy art, but can also genuinely interest the wider public”.

In their speeches, the representatives of the museums of both cities underlined the significance of the involvement in this project of two cities like Ancona and Split which have been twinned for many years and have made this yet another occasion to celebrate their common historical and cultural heritage whose roots go back to distant epochs. The speakers also noted the practical as well as ideal significance of this union between France, Italy and Croatia.

Sensi d’Estate 2005 Multisensory path

Copertina del depliant Sensi D'Estate 2005

Museo Omero, Ancona: every Thursday throughout July and August at 9.30 pm

Multisensory paths of art, theatre, music, aromas and flavours
The wonderful view from the terrace of the Palazzo Raffaello
Children’s entertainment

Folk tradition and classicism are the two themes of the fourth edition of Sensi d’estate 2005, a range of multisensory experiences created by the Museo Tattile Statale Omero, Ancona. The success of the previous editions has encouraged us to expand the programme and bring in new ideas. A cycle of 8 evening appointments, each Thursday in July and August at 9.30pm, built around points of contact between different artistic languages and the intensification of every means of perception: folk songs, local flavours and dialects will be woven through masterpieces of sculpture and Italian and other literature.

Art, Music, Literature, Tastings: all these go to make up the fourth edition of Sensi d’estate 2005 which begins on Thursday 7 July with a theatrical recital by the actor Luca Violini: “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, based on the well-known book by Richard Bach, which was a great success in the 1970s. The subsequent events will allow us to rediscover Ancona, its sculpture and its poetry, walk in the dark through the museum rooms and take part in a 3-D printing workshop held by Andrea Socrati and Bruno Mangiaterra or listen to a selection of Gospel songs performed by the Choir of the ancient city of Ostra. August offers a multi-sensory study on the theme of the sea in sculpture and narration, which will be followed by “Folk songs of the Marches” performed by La Damigiana folkmusic group, a sculptural journey on the theme of nudity in art and finally “Soundtracks in concert” by the Nino Rota Quartet.

The success of the previous editions has encouraged us to extend the programme, adding several new events to further enrich our calendar. Many events will be held outdoors. Luca Violini’s theatrical recitation and the concerts organized by the “L’incontro musicale” association, under the artistic direction of Deborah Vico, will be held on the splendid terrace of the Palazzo Raffaello, seat of The Marches Regional Council. In a gazebo outside the Museum (near the entrance), you can taste local produce and wine provided by the following businesses who are members of the Coldiretti: Azienda Agricola Croce del Moro di Cavallaro Mario Lucchetti, Enrico Ceci, Antonio Coloccini, Guerrino Starnari, Maria Luisa Martarelli, Consorzio Salame di Fabriano, Terra Grata di Massimo Maffeo, Santi Pietro e Filippo di Rita Giada Angelucci, Allevamento il Moro degli Alpaca, Fattoria Italia di Ambra Maria Miciarelli Collesi. Keeping to the themes of freshness and local flavours, at the end of each evening we will be offering delicious home-made ice cream from the Al Belvedere restaurant, Agugliano. Meanwhile, inside the Museum, our staff have created multi-sensory pathways in the dark among the sculptures, voices and perfumes, with special light installations by Effetto Luce, Recanati. Finally, there will be entertainment for children in the workshop area.

The appointment for Sensi d’estate 2005, Art, Music, Literature, Tadtings, is therefore every Thursday in July and August, at 9.30 pm at the Museo Tattile Statale Omero, 50 Via Tiziano, Ancona. Starting Thursday 7 July.

Free admission. Information: Tel. 071.2811935.


7 July
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Theatrical reading by Luca Violini
Terrazza del Palazzo Raffaello, Regione Marche (entry from Museo Omero)

14 July
Ancona in sculpture and poetry

Journey through the forms and words of the city
Museo Omero

21 July
The expression of the sign

Relief printing workshop
held by Bruno Mangiaterra and Andrea Socrati
Museo Omero

28 July
Gospel Songs

Coro dell’antica città di Ostra
Terrazza del Palazzo Raffaello, Regione Marche (entry from Museo Omero)

4 AugustTo the edges of the sea
Stories of the sea – sculpture and narration Museo Omero

11 August
Folk songs of the Marches

Gruppo Folkloristico La Damigiana
Terrazza del Palazzo Raffaello, Regione Marche (entry from Museo Omero)

18 August
Nudity unveiled

The nude in art through the centuries
Museo Omero

25 August
Soundtracks in concert

Nino Rota Quartet – Artistic director Deborah Vico
Terrazza del Palazzo Raffaello, Regione Marche (entry from Museo Omero)

The theatrical recital and the three concerts will be held on the adjacent Terrazza del Palazzo Raffaello, seat of the Regione Marche. Each evening there will be special entertainment for small children, wine and local produce tastings as well as home-made ice cream.