The Museo Omero is collaborating with the British Museum for the exhibition

Hadrian Empire and Conflict

24th July to 26th October

Another international collaboration for the Museo Omero.

Following an
invitation from the British Museum concerning their "Hadrian Empire and Conflict" exhibition (open to the public 24th July to 26th October), a work from our collection - the architectural model of the Pantheon - will be enriching this important exhibition on the life, loves and legacy of Hadrian, the great and enigmatic emperor of Rome who ruled from 117 to 138 A.D.).

The exhibition will illustrate the contradictory nature of that great emperor and the various periods of his reign. Archaeological finds unearthed in recent excavations will be on show for the first time as well as 28 works from museums all over the world, including the architectural model of the Pantheon from the Museo Omero of Ancona.

Our collaborator Massimiliano Trubbiani will be accompanying the work to London and helping to set up the exhibition from 18th to 20th June. The inauguration will take place on Wednesday 23rd July 2008. After the Louvre in Parigi, the Archeological Museum in Spalato and the recent "Art for the Blind" festival in the Czech Republic, it is now the turn of the best known museum in London: another international acknowledgement consolidating the Museo Omero's importance at a European level.