The Museo Omero is closed to the public

The Museo Omero is closed to the public from 6 November 2020 to 15 January 2021, in compliance with the new measures to combat and contain the COVID-19 emergency.

For the second time we find ourselves having to take this difficult decision, but health comes first and respecting rules is the basis of civic sense, now more than ever.

The museum is not only a place of custodianship and culture but also of emotion, sharing and passion, everything that our staff puts in daily to convey to the public the pleasures of art and the well-being that beauty produces.

During the first COVID-19 emergency, the Museo Omero took part in the #iorestoacasa #laculturanonsiferma campaign, promoted by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, by offering daily appointments on its social channels: narratives about the works in the collection and our projects, activities for children and music.

This period was also useful for designing and building the new website which will be online from 16 November 2020.

We will be using digital technology, in a regulated manner and without exaggerating, to keep in touch with the public this time too, not only with our old friends but also our new virtual visitors who have started to follow us.

The success of the "A zoom on art" online conferences demonstrates that there is a real interest in art among the public. People clearly welcome this resource which also helps to fill their extra free time.

Our online talking magazine "Aisthesis, discovering art with all the senses" continues to come out regularly with high-quality articles.

The typhlo-didactic consultancy service for accessibility to cultural heritage continues to be available.

In this difficult period, we at the Museo Omero regretfully say goodbye to our public and look forward to welcoming you back with our usual enthusiasm. We thank all the visitors who, respecting the anti Covid-19 regulations, have visited our rooms in recent months and all those who, unable to visit the museum, continue to follow us online.