Issue 17 of Aisthesis Magazine is online

Marta Paraventi Mariella Martelli Francesco Landini, Maria Stella Busana e Francesca Farroni Gallo

The three articles in Issue 17 of our Aisthesis magazine range from art to music to technology.

In the opening essay, Marta Paraventi, an art historian, gives a detailed reply to a previous article by Cristian Greco about the digital activities of museums.

Next, the composer Mariella Martelli, presents an historical portarit of the Trecento composer and organist Francesco Landini which rounds off a theme that has been addressed by the Museo Omero and which also included a series of video-conferences.

The third contribution, by the archaeologists Maria Stella Busana and Francesca Farroni Gallo, illustrates the interesting results of the TEMART project (technologies and materials for artistic manufacture) which has led to new ways of creating, and enjoying, bas-reliefs.