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Primary school

Maschere in terracotta

Tactile books

Once upon a time… there was a Museum with rare original books, all specially made to be looked at, listened to and touched. And then? And then you find a workshop. To make what? Your book. And in the end? They lived happily ever after. We will read and touch tactile books that tell us about the Museum, its exhibits and its heroes. We will learn about Braille and then go to the workshop where each child will make a tactile book to take home.

Our aims:

  • Learn more about art
  • Improve narrative and listening skills
  • Enhance the sense of touch
  • Create authentic personal works expressing sensations and emotions
  • Transform images and materials through finding original figurative solutions

Workshop lasts: 2 hours.


Portray with touch

Here at the Museum portraits are in the form of sculptures.
By carefully touching faces, eyes, noses and mouths, and concentrating on the details, you will learn how they were made. Try to guess their expressions and understand what they are feeling.
You will explore some of the best-known portraits in the history of art, from the bust of Homer to Giorgio De Chirico’s Mannequins, and then go to the Workshop to create your face, with your best expression, in clay.
At no extra cost, the artefacts can be fired and collected the following week.

Our aims:

Bring art closer

  • encourage wonder and the appreciation of beauty
  • enhance tactile perception
  • convey the language and grammar of the face
  • teach clay modelling techniques
  • encourage the expression of emotional states through handwork

Workshop lasts: 2 hours.

The Museum of Wonders

Be amazed by our sculptures of people with their wonderful, bizarre, tall, crooked, naked, clothed, abstract or well-built bodies – they can leave you speechless. Then off to the ceramics workshop and free the artist within you!

You will make a small clay sculpture that will be fired before you take it home.

Our aims:

  • Learn about contemporary art
  • Learn about beauty and wonder
  • Enhance tactile perception
  • Experiment with clay modelling and learn some techniques
  • Encourage the expression of emotional states through manipulation
  • Workshop lasts: 2 hours