Three elements that make up a kind of tactile comic, as if they were three characters: on the left, a wooden wheel with an eye; in the center, a wooden stick with an eye; on the right, a feather with an eye. The three characters are placed on a cardboard surface and are looking at each other.

We have been designing accessible, customized activities on request since 2002. We enable students to approach art by providing them with adequate learning tools. Our daily work and constant commitment is dedicated to making the Museo Omero a space to be shared and enjoyed by everyone

This year, our educational projects again include a series of activities and workshops accompanied by guided visits which approach art from a different point of view and aim to stimulate creative thinking. We have increased our range of educational activities with workshops designed for understanding and discovering the objects on display. There is also a new Design workshop. Now, just choose an activity and… get in touch!