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We will provide each student with gloves and a blindfold for visiting the exhibition rooms as well as a personal workshop kit so as to avoid exchanging materials and/or tools with others.

Little museum stories

Close your eyes, open your ears, and stretch out your hands.
Are you ready to listen to stories, caress special books and gigantic sculptures?
Explore the whole Museum and also find small details.
There is a little adventure in every corner!


  • bring art closer
  • encourage you to be amazed
  • develop and enhance your sense of touch
  • stimulate the processes of perception and communication

Immaginary Bestriary

No, this isn’t a zoo but you can find sculptures of animals here! You can touch them, there they are, motionless, looking at you, open-mouthed with alert ears or ignoring you, waiting for you, animals that look real, others that are imaginary… in short, something for everyone! Caress them, get to know them and then… off to the workshop to make your favourite animal. Some clay, your hands and… that’s it


  • Bring art closer
  • Encourage amazement
  • Develop and enhance the sense of touch
  • Stimulate the processes of perception and communication
  • Improve eye/hand coordination
  • Facilitate the ability to express emotional states through modelling clay

Workshop lasts: 2 hours.