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Junior and senior Secondary

gruppo di ragazzi

Simultaneously de-sign!

Sight and touch are the only two senses that can perceive the shape of an object. Can your hands see? Can they see as your eyes do?
A blindfold tour and a careful tactile exploration of a work of art will help you answer these questions.
Each pupil will receive a new blindfold in a sealed plastic bag.


  • Encounter contemporary art
  • Compare the senses of touch and sight
  • Follow the (fairly complex) pathway that generates a tactile image in your mind
  • Discover and reflect on the graphic rendering of the work

Workshop lasts: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Do you know Louis?

A classic Museo Omero workshop – the story of the blind boy who invented the Braille code. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets, come and try! You too will discover the secrets of this alphabet.
Each pupil will receive a sanitized tablet and awl.


  • Encounter art
  • Compare the senses of touch and sight
  • Learn about this code, from its origins to the tools required, and understand it
  • Use this code first hand and reflect on its importance

Workshop lasts: 2 hours.