“Nostos” exhibition by Graziano Spinosi

Visitors in the exhibition hall

From 30 September to 3 December 2023.
Museo della Regina, Galleria Santa Croce, Cattolica.
In collaboration with the Museo Tattile Statale Omero.

The exhibition "Nostos" by Graziano Spinosi is curated by Milena Becci and organized by the Cultural Services of the Municipality of Cattolica, in collaboration with the Museo Omero.
The exhibition is the third event of the Mansio project, which offers a programme of exhibitions by contemporary artists for the year 2023.

The term "nostos" indicates the return home, and is the theme of Odysseus' journey to Ithaca as described in the Odyssey. The exhibition explores this concept through 14 works by Graziano Spinosi, which are connected to the lives of navigators, fishermen and sailors.
The Museo della Regina presents artefacts related to seafaring and archaeology, while Spinosi's works, material sculptures, are integrated into a thematic exhibition. A multimedia section includes a compass rose and a compass from the 1930s.

The "Rosa dei venti" installation represents eight winds, while Spinosi's "Nidi" (nests) made of rattan and iron wire, symbolize the attachment and protection of home. The exhibition explores the duality of danger and protection, traversing a slow infinite time, looking towards the future and weaving a magical thread. Spinosi's "Shoes" tell the life journey of captains, artists, and well-known figures through their footwear.

On October 15th at 5pm, "Ánemos. I venti del Mediterraneo", the book by Fabio Fiori that largely inspired the creation of the Compass Rose installation, will be presented.


Accessibility and inclusion are at the heart of this project which represents a significant step forward in Cattolica's museum sector.

From 9 to 11 October, Graziano Spinosi will be in residence at the Museo della Regina, gathering elements and inspirations to create special books on the theme of the sea, which will be presented to the public on October 28th.

There are two events organized by the Museo Tattile Statale Omero: a workshop for visually impaired individuals on October 10th at 4pm and a guided tour in the dark on November 12th at 4pm. Blindfolded participants will be accompanied by visually impaired individuals to discover the artist's works.

Information and Bookings

From 30 September to 3 December 2023.
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4pm to 7pm.
Free admission.
Booking is essential for activities on 10 October and 12 November 2023.
Contacts: Tel. 0541 96 65 77 - 775 or email museo@cattolica.net.