Sensi d’estate 2006

Every Thursday in July and August at 9.30 pm.

On the Terrazza of Palazzo Leopardi, home to the Marches Regional Council offices: Theatre, Music and Literature.
Inside the Museo Omero: Art, Form and Colour.
In the Museo Omero courtyard: wine, ice cream and local produce to taste.

Now in its fifth year, Sensi d'estate has dedicated three interesting spaces to its multi-sensory trails of art, music, literature, the perfumes and flavours of Nature. The programme includes nine high-quality appointments with the Museo Omero, one every Thursday evening in July and August (6 July - 31 August) at 21.30.

Each evening there will be an open-air show on the terrazza of Palazzo Leopardi, the Regione Marche offices, a multi-sensory trail through the Museum's exhibition rooms and delicious things to taste in the Museum courtyard.

The live concerts include jazz, classical and popular music, dramatized readings of texts by major Italian and foreign authors and even a premiere, the first performance of a LetturaconcertO “Il sogno di un uomo ridicolo”.

The multi-sensory trails at the Museum are inspired by colours which, in a similar way to sounds, make our inner being vibrate and act on our emotions. This is the key to understanding the specially designed effects and installations which aim to help both adults and children to perceive colour not only as visual data, but also as sensations generated by art and its forms.

Sensi d'estate 2006 enjoys the patronage of the Regione Marche, and benefits from contributions from the Provincia di Ancona and the Banca delle Marche. It is produced in collaboration with EffettoLuce, Recanati and the Associazione "L'incontro musicale", Ancona.

Every visit will offer you new thought-provoking ideas, experiences and ways of looking at the world though musical, theatrical and artistic events specially created for our public who look forward in ever-increasing numbers to the return of Sensi d'Estate.

We begin on 6 July with "via dei dollari", an 'almost-concert' dedicated to the accordion and to migrants from every period. The colour violet will be used in various ways with selected works of art from the collection to promote 'immersion'.

This year, we will be collaborating for the first time with the Associazione Amici della Lirica "Franco Corelli" for the evening dedicated to Neapolitan Songs, with Rodolfo Canestrari, tenor, accompanied by the pianist Angelo Sampaolesi. Another new synergy is with the Società Amici della musica "G. Michelli", Ancona which has enabled us to stage an exclusive concert with the Russian pianist Andrei Korobeinikov, a first-rate musician who is already well-known in Europe. Korobeinikov's programme will include music by Beethoven, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

The open-air events will begin at 9.30 pm and the evening will be rounded off with delicious healthy refreshments provided by local biological farms and with freshly made fruit and chocolate flavoured ice creams, again produced locally.

We wish to thank the following for the agricultural produce and wines: Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori, Cooperativa La Terra e Il Cielo, Coldiretti (Wine producers: Croce del moro di Cavallaio, Rosola; Ceci Enrico, S. Paolo di Jesi; Coloccini Antonio, Staffolo; Oleificio Rosa Mauro, Arcevia).

The fruit-flavoured ice cream is made by ice-cream wizard Paolo Brunelli of the “Al Belvedere" hotel and restaurant, Agugliano. The chocolate ice cream is made at the Pasticceria "Foligni", Ancona using hand-made chocolate from "Il Cioccolato di Bruco", Jesi.


Via dei dollari.

A “quasi-concerto” dedicated to the accordion and to migrants from every period.
Isa Carloni, voice and words;
Contradamerla, music.

Violet - Desire for self expression.

Filippo Sebastianelli trio.

Filippo Sebastianelli, saxophone;
Luca Pecchia, guitar;
Amin Zarrinchang, double bass.

Blue - Reflection and meditation.

Deliri a due.

Twentieth century couples in conversation.
Read by Lucia Ferrati and Pietro Conversano.

Green - Equilibrium.

Ensemble I Mantici Armoniosi.

Conductor: Paolo Picchio.

Yellow - Expansion and radiation.

Trio uzza za'.

Ximena Jaime, violin;
Jean Gambini, double bass;
Yasue Hokimoto, piano.

Orange - satisfaction and pleasure.

Andrei Korobeinikov.

Music by Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky
(in collaboration with the Società Amici della Musica “G. Michelli”, Ancona).

This is an exclusive concert for the Museo Omero.

Red - Intense vitality.

Sax Appeal Quartet.

Deborah Vico, saxophone;
Federica Torbidoni, flute;
Giannina Guazzaroni, violin;
Margherita Scafidi, harp.

White - Harmony.

Neapolitan Songs.

Rodolfo Canestrari, tenor;
Angelo Sampaolesi, piano
(in collaboration with the Associazione Amici della Lirica “Franco Corelli”,

Black - Negation.

Il sogno di un uomo ridicolo
by Fëodor Dostoevsky - Music by Ennio Morricone.

A LetturaconcertO by:
Luca Violini, voice and narration;
Andrea Andreani, oboe, cor anglais;
Maurizio Barbetti,, viola, viola d'amore;
Paolo Tannini, piano.

Italian premiere.

Splendour - Perfection.