Documentation Centre

Documentation Centre

Our Documentation and Research Centre focuses to the specific didactic and training activities carried out at the Museum.

In particular, it specializes in the fields of pedagogy and didactics of the arts and archaeology, aesthetics and accessibility to museum assets for people with visual impairment, and for disabled people in general.

The Centre has a specific bibliography on these issues, with texts in black and Braille, videos, DVDs and audio cassettes, which can be consulted in the Centre. It publishes “Le dispense del Museo Omero” (The Museo Omero handouts), that collect and disseminate the most significant pedagogical guidelines, thinking and experience gained and tested in various activities carried out over the years.

You can view the main typhlo-didactic aids for the artistic and aesthetic education of people with visual impairment. The Centre also provides an opportunity to learn about the methods, aids and acquired experience that can increase awareness of access to the museum heritage.

The Centre welcomes students for internships and, by appointment only, offers advice and support to teachers, directors and staff of Museums and Superintendence Offices, operators in the handicap sector, students and undergraduates. On request, it provides links and bibliographies on the above topics.

The Documentation Centre is located on the ground floor (access from the inner courtyard of the Mole Vanvittelliana). If you book ahead it is possible to arrange an appointment at a particular time for an individual consultation with a Museum operator.

Contacts: Museum Secretariat tel. 071 28 11 935 – email