The Mole Vanvitelliana

mole vanvitelliana

The Museo Omero occupies the north-east side of the Mole Vanvitelliana, a large eighteenth-century pentagonal architectural complex, located within the port area of ​​the city of Ancona and formerly completely surrounded by the sea.
Known also as the former leper hospital, the Mole is a unique building designed in the 1700s by the great architect Luigi Vanvitelli. It has long been a symbol of Ancona and is now a multifunctional, cultural centre for the city. An enormous pentagon that has been used for many different functions – as defensive bulwark, quarantine hospital, sanatorium, warehouse, etc. – and is located in a strategic position close to the city centre and the harbour.

The area granted to the Museo Omero is about 3,000 square metres and occupies one side of the recently restored building on five levels:

  • level zero – lower than the internal courtyard: the exhibition area that will host the new “Design” section.
  • first level – the internal courtyard: the entrance to the exhibition rooms via a monumental staircase and lift, the entrances to the offices, documentation and research centre.
  • second level: the exhibition rooms, the reception area with seating for groups, the refreshment area and the administrative offices
  • third level: the mezzanine exhibition area and two learning workshops
  • fourth level: the secretariat and director’s office, the project office

There are also store rooms, archives and warehouses.