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Accessibility contact:
Andrea Socrati tel. 0712811935

Mole Vanvitelliana

The Mole is an eighteenth-century structure originally surrounded by water and nowadays joined to the mainland by three bridges. There are two entrances to the courtyard of this former hospital: the main one can be reached by following the Dogana (Customs) sign and is located near Porta Pia; the secondary one, not far from the Mercato del Pesce (Fish Market), has a large iron gate.

People with mobility problems can enter the Mole Vanvitelliana by car and drive up to the Museum entrance. The vehicle must be authorized to transport disabled people. The Mole Vanvitelliana has a cobblestone pavement.

Museo Omero

It has two entrances, both of which are in the courtyard of the Mole: the main one can be reached via a monumental staircase, the other is equipped with a lift.

At the entrance, information about the Museum is available in several different languages and in Braille. We provide texts in Italian with images for deaf people to enable them to visit the museum independently. Three of the exhibits have explanatory videos in International Sign Language and with subtitles.

The Museo Omero welcomes families with children on the autism spectrum (3-6 years) with visits and games designed to make their museum experience more enjoyable.

All the rooms of the Museum are accessible by lift. Two manual wheelchairs are available to the public to allow anyone with mobility problems to visit the museum more easily. A wheelchair can be requested at the entrance.

All our exhibits, whether copies or originals, can be explored by touch.
Throughout the exhibition areas there are information panels and captions in Braille for the blind and in high contrast for partially-sighted visitors. Mobile platforms with ladders are available for tactile exploration of the tallest works.

Chairs are available near the entrance, in the refreshment area (which has water and coffee machines) and upstairs. One of the museum rooms has seating for welcoming groups.

The accessible bathrooms are equipped with changing tables and are situated next to the main entrance. There are also other bathrooms in the courtyard.