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hands that work the clay

Children and young people love the Museo Omero, so much so that they often drag their parents and relatives along. This is because they feel welcome in a place where they are free to explore and approach the works without fear.

At the entrance, you will find free activities for kids such as MUSEUM ANIMALS.
For 2 euros you can buy a blindfold so you can experience an exclusively tactile visit.

Paid activities with operators

The activities led by our staff inside the museum are for a minimum of 10 people.

Family memories

The stories we read at the Museum are true and original, like yours!
You will enjoy reconstructing your family history and it will all be for touching, just like the books you find here at the Museum. You will be given a large, bound book made of card but instead of working with colours and pencils, you will use glue, scissors and all kinds of materials to “tell” your story.

For families with children aged between 4 and 9.



Clay … the most versatile material that man has ever used!
We’ll help you to model fun clay pictures to hang on your walls.
Password: Create / cre · àte / transitive. Produce from nothing.

For families with children aged between 4 and 9.

Contemporary re-design

Have you ever tried to touch a sculpture? Or touch it without seeing it? You can do it here! You will touch a Contemporary sculpture while blindfolded, then you will combine all your ideas, feelings and emotions then try to draw it all together … will you succeed? Come and find out how much your hands can see!

For families with children aged 9 and over.

Mini ceramic course

3 sessions for learning about clay and its transformations. We are looking for hardworking hands to transform water and earth into real objects: you will model by hand and on the wheel, you will fire and glaze … all who come will have fun and the pieces are theirs!

For everyone.

Costs and booking

Visits MUST be booked, please contact us at (+39) 335 56 96 985 (mobile and whatsapp) at least 7 days in advance.
Cost: 5.00 euros per participant. Admission is free for children aged 0-4 years, people with disabilities and their carers.
Payment: by cash, debit or credit card, bank transfer. Cost of mini ceramic course: 30 euros for familiy.