Blind and partially sighted people

a group of young people

The Museo Omero was created to enable people with visual disabilities to learn about art through a direct tactile approach.
We have over 200 sculptures and architectural models. They all have captions and panels in Braille and can (must) be touched.

Guided tour

Our specialized staff will accompany blind and partially-sighted people on a journey where they can learn about sculpture and architecture. They will visit a selection of works representing all the main periods of art, from the Classical to the Contemporary.

Customized individual visits can be arranged for visually handicapped people who have a special interest in a particular period or artist. We can accommodate groups of up to 6 people (3 blind people and 3 helpers).

Hospitality for individual visitors

Blind and visually-impaired people and their helpers who come to Ancona to visit the Museo Omero can enjoy a free overnight stay with breakfast at the Hotel Fortuna, courtesy of the Museum.

This three-star hotel is located just opposite the railway station, in Piazza Rosselli 1, and is about one kilometre from the Museum. You can either walk or get the 1/4 bus (fourth stop), where there is a crossing place with traffic lights.

Hospitality is not provided for groups. The Museum will book the overnight stay.


The visit is free. To book, please contact us on (+39) 335 569 69 85 (mobile and whataspp) at least 7 days in advance. To cancel a reservation, please phone the above number or send an e-mail to If, due to unforeseen events, the museum is unable to guarantee the guided tour, the visitor will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange a new date.