Day Centres and Associations for people with disabilities

a hand touching a Braille label

We have created accessible workshops for people with cognitive, visual and hearing disabilities.

Sensitive pages

This course is held over several weeks so that the museum can become a familiar place in the participants’ everyday life. The sessions include a walk through the collection and a specially created workshop for people with different abilities.
The aim is to spend time considering the emotions aroused by selected works in our collection and then to transpose them into tactile books. A diary of “sensitive”, personal pages where participants can tell their story through words and collages.

AAA Characters wanted

This activity is made up of three meetings where the participants get to know the museum and study a selection of our statues. The aim is to encourage the participants to think about constructing a character, an alter ego. There is a ceramics workshop afterwards where they will be able to model, glaze and assemble their own personal marionettes. The puppets will perform in our special little theatre at the end of the course.


The projects are all free.
The programmes can be adapted to the needs of the participants.
We guarantee one staff member for every fifteen visitors, including helpers.
To book, call 335 569 69 85 (mobile and whatsapp) or email