Visits and workshops from 2 to 9 December 2012: No-one excluded!

Locandina dell'iniziativa

From 2 to 9 December 2012
Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona

International Day of the Rights of Disabled People.

The Museo Omero celebrates International Disabled People's Rights Day (December 3) with a multi-sensory and inclusive event: No-one excluded! with guided tours and workshops, accessible to everyone. The MO, whose commitment to improving disabled people's access to culture continues throughout the the whole year, thanks the Ministry of Heritage and Culture for their sponsorship.

From 2 to 9 December 2012, we welcome visitors to our two Exhibitions: "in limine. Sulla soglia del nuovo Museo Omero" and "Trubbiani. De rerum fabula" where they can enjoy our tactile tours and workshops together with groups organised by UIC Marche (Italian Union of the Blind), by the E.N.S. Marche, la Lega del Filodoro (Ente Nazionale Sordi) and by the Social Services Department of Ancona City Council.

An opportunity to enjoy the arts and to share this barrier-free experience, no-one excluded!
The initiative is run by the Volontarie del Servizio Civile Nazionale and the European Voluntary Service.
All activities are free and booking is compulsory.


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