7 May: Arte Insieme – cultura e culture senza barriere Conference

Philippe Daverio

Saturday 7 May 2011
The new Museo Omero premises at the Mole Vanvitelliana, Banchina da Chio 28, Zona Porto, Ancona.

Preview of the works donated by Walter Valentini to the Museo Omero.

Highlight the importance of art and artistic expression as resources for education and personal growth for everyone, in particular for people who are disabled or disadvantaged because of their social condition or because of coming from other cultures. Increase awareness and promote initiatives aimed at increasing accessibility to the cultural and museum heritage, especially for visually handicapped people. Encourage young people to learn about the principal exponents and the diverse visual languages of contemporary art. These are the aims of the "Arte Insieme - cultura e culture senza barriere" project and the themes that will discussed in the conference.

The first session, entitled "Arte e integrazione: un modello pedagogico possibile", will emphasize the importance of artistic education and its ability to promote creativity, plurality of expression, comparison, sensitivity. It will outline a pedagogy aimed at encouraging the process of social and cultural integration of people with special needs, through synergetic action between the principal operators in education, schools and museums.

In the second session, entitled "Rispondere toccando. Il tatto and l'emozione estetica" the spotlight will be aimed at the extraordinary possibilities offered by an approach to art which is not only based on sight but on our entire sensory capabilities, where touch in particular shows how much it can enrich the aesthetic dialogue with a work of art. Art itself, indeed, prompts the question of its ‘touchability’, rendered explicit by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in his Manifesto sul Tattilismo, whose ninetieth anniversary is this year. It reminds us how three-dimensional material works, as Mikel Dufrenne writes, "belong to the reign of the tangible: they can awake in us the desire to enjoy the tactile".

There will also be a presentation of the works that Walter Valentini, featured artist of the 4th Arte Insieme created for this event. They will then take their place in the Museo Omero contemporary sculpture collection.

Speakers: Roberto Farroni (Presidente Museo Tattile Statale Omero), Alfio Albani (Dirigente Scolastico Liceo Artistico "Mannucci"), Nicola Quirico (Presidente FADIS - Federazione Associazioni di Docenti per l'Integrazione Scolastica), Andrea Socrati (Responsabile Progetti Speciali Museo Tattile Statale Omero), Aldo Grassini (Fondatore Museo Tattile Statale Omero and member of the Comitato di Direzione), Philippe Daverio (art critic). 


9.00 Registration;
9.30 Greetings from various authorities;

Session 1
Moderator Andrea Socrati.

10.00 Roberto Farroni, il Museo Omero: un modello di inclusione
10.10 Alfio Albani, istruzione artistica and integrazione
10.20 Nicola Quirico, la scuola che include: potenzialità and criticità

Session 2
Moderator Roberto Farroni.
10.50 Walter Valentini, presentazione di due opere;
11.00 Andrea Socrati, arte tattile: da Marinetti a Tagliaferri;
11.10 Aldo Grassini, il tatto e l'emozione estetica;
11.30 Philippe Daverio, sensibilità in dialogo;
12.30 Debate;
13.00 Conclusion.

Free admission. No more bookings will be accepted as all available seating has been taken. For further information: info@museoomero.it or didattica@museoomero.it.

How to get to the Mole Vanvitelliana

By train:
Ancona railway station. You can walk towards the centre of Ancona for about 1 km. Once you get to the zona Archi you will see the unmistakable Mole Vanvitelliana on your left, in the Port area.
Ancona Marittima railway station (local trains). You will pass the Mole Vanvitelliana in the train. Walk back past the customs post, approx 5 minutes.

By bus:
From the railway station, take a number 1 or 1/4 bus and get off at the 4th stop (zona Archi – before the traffic lights). From the city centre, piazza Cavour or piazza Roma, take a number 1, 1/4, 22, 24, 42 or 44 bus and get off at the stop near Porta Pia.

By car:
A 14 motorway, exit Ancona Nord: take the Strada Statale 16, direction Ancona, and exit at Ancona Nord. Follow the signs for Porto, Fiera, Mole Vanivitelliana (Ex Lazzaretto).
A 14 motorway, exit Ancona Sud: take the Strada Statale 16 and then the Asse Nord-Sud direction Ancona. Follow the signs for Porto, Fiera, Mole Vanivitelliana (Ex Lazzaretto).
Once you pass the Fiera, in the Port area, you will have a clear view of the Mole Vanvitelliana on your left.
The entrance is inside the Port area. Parking is available nearby (free car park at the Fiera della Pesca).