24 and 25 September: two days dedicated to children and families

24 and 25 September 2011, 5 pm.
To celebrate the European Heritage Days.

The Museo Omero continues to take part in the European Heritage weekend: This year we have created a booklet entitled "Il Museo a portata di mano" (the Museum within reach), which is dedicated to our smaller visitors (aged 3 to 10). It invites them to discover the works in the collection through play and without adult help. Art is beauty and beauty is ageless and should be extraneous to the notion of privilege, so it must be made accessible to everyone.

The booklet works on two levels: firstly, as a guidebook which reveals the special nature of the Museum through the tactile exploration of its collection and secondly, as a notebook where the visitor can write, draw, scribble and then take home as a souvenir. Experience is knowledge and knowledge is also, indeed mostly, acquired through play. It won't be surprising then to see our young visitors imagining that they are surfing with Poseidon or stretching to the height of Michelangelo's David.

Every family is invited to take part!