The Museo Omero Exhibition at Cerná Hora, Moravia, is a foretaste of the main show in Prague

The "Umano Divino" project

The Italian Embassy in Prague, the Museo Omero, the Italian Cultural Institute.

The Municipal Library, Cerná Hora: 27 September - 26 October 2008.

Set in the historic heartland of Moravia, Cerná Hora welcomes the “Human Divine” exhibition which was inaugurated in the Municipal Library on Saturday 27 September, and looks forward to the Prague show.
This exhibition was proposed and organized by Fabio Pigliapoco of the Italian Embassy in Prague, the Italian Cultural Institute, Prague, and Roberto Farroni, director of the Museo Tattile Statale Omero, Ancona.

Cerná Hora is a traditional, friendly, typical mountain town, home of the oldest ‘real-beer’ brewery in the Czech Republic, the "Pivovar Cerna Hora" founded in 1298 and managed by Jiri Fusek. The past here is interwoven with a lively dynamic present.
Mr Fusek is also president of the European Non-industrial Brewery Circuit and has promoted numerous cultural events relating to the cinema, in his town. He visited the Museo Omero last summer, and was very impressed with the unique idea behind our slogan "Toccare l´arte con noi si può"(roughly You can touch art with us).

It was during his first meeting with Roberto Farroni that the idea of including Cerná Hora in the Museo Omero exhibition arose, and it was decided that hold it over the last weekend in September during the annual cultural Festival. The Cerná Hora exhibition, curated by Massimo Di Matteo, architect, includes a wide selection of works (copies and originals) from the Museo Omero: from the "Poseidon of Cape Artemisio" to the model of the Parthenon, from the Renaissance "San Pietro" and "Rondanini" Pietàs by Michelangelo to the contemporary sculpture "Della Santa natura il Santo" by Vittorio Morelli. These works are accompanied by several fascinating works by Felice Tagliaferri, an internationally known non-sighted sculptor. His hands are guided by an incredible tactile ability and have created such unforgettable characters as "La nonna del sud" and "La donna nel vento" in clay and marble.
The show was created in collaboration with iGuzzini Illuminazione and the SONS (a Czech association corresponding to the Italian Union of the Blind and Partially-sighted), with the support of Unipol and Lucesole Trasporti.
All the works on show can be touched and explored by hand. They are also accompanied by Braille panels and audio guides.

Present at the official opening ceremony on Saturday 27 September were: The Italian Ambassador in Prague, Fabio Pigliapoco; RobertoFarroni accompanied by a delegation from the Museo Omero (Aldo Grassini, Daniela Bottegoni, Annalisa Trasatti); Massimo Di Matteo, exhibition curator; Felice Tagliaferri, sculptor; Jirí Fusek of the Cerna Hora brewery; Umberto Rinaldi, director of The Italian Cultural Institute, Prague.
This cultural event enjoys the support and patronage of the President of the Marches Regional Council, and the patronage of the Province of Ancona and Ancona Municipal Council.
"Umano Divino" is a project which culminates in the large exhibition in Prague which will run from mid November.