26 May: The conclusion of the Esperanto biennial project was held at the Museo Omero

Tutti i bambini nella sala Rinascimento insieme a Daniela, Aldo e le maestre della scuola

Thursday 26 May 2011, 4pm
Ancona, Museo Tattile Statale Omero

A visit to the Museo Omero concluded the 2011 "Esperanto" biennial project. Taking part were class 3 C from the "Domenico Savio" Primary School of the Istituto Comprensivo "Grazie-Tavernelle", Ancona, with their teacher Marinella Giampieri and class 3 from the "Don Milani" Primary School, Pesaro with their teacher Giuliana Giannangeli.
The final encounter in Ancona was to celebrate the successful conclusion of the project and to let the children from Pesaro discover a special museum which originated from an idea of Aldo Grassini and Daniela Bottegoni, who were also their Esperanto.