Consultancy and typhlo-didactic services

Annunciazione, Cristoforo Scacco da Verona

Presentation video of our typhlodidactic laboratory.

The Museo Omero, a model of excellence in the international scenario of cultural opportunities for the blind, makes its experience in the field of accessibility to cultural heritage, available to institutions, institutions and individuals.

In particular, the Museum offers consultancy services and sets up accessible museum itineraries and temporary exhibitions which are equipped with aids for blind and partially-sighted people:

  • transcriptions in Braille
  • audio guides, multimedia supports, audiopen
  • relief drawings made on heat-sensitive microcapsule paper
  • relief translations: transposition of images on to mouldable material (plasticine, clay, wood)
  • relief or three-dimensional scale models
  • composing art criticism and descriptive texts to aid the tactile reading of the work
  • producing copies of tactile books already made by the Museo Omero and building new prototypes

Typhlo didactic services Catalogue (pdf)