Sensi d’Estate 2024

elementi della mole stilizzata

Twenty-third edition.
Wednesdays from 17 July to 21 August 2024.
Shows at 9.30 pm in the Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona.
Free admission with mandatory reservation. Limited seating.

The summer cultural festival organized by the State Tactile Museum Omero, now in its 23th edition


  • Wednesday, July 17 at 21:30
    In collaboration with the Società Amici della Musica "Guido Micheli"
    In France between the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    Soloists from the Osimo Academy of Lyric Art
    Jennifer Turri, soprano
    Martin Csölley, baritone
    Pianists from the Imola Academy "Incontri con il Maestro"
    Ludovico Falqui Massidda
    Mayaka Nakagawa
  • Wednesday, July 24 at 21:30
    Rebellion and passion in the songs and poems of Fabrizio De André and Alda Merini
    Maria Grazia Barboni, voice and guitar
    Milena Costantini, narrating voice
  • Wednesday, July 31 at 21:30
    Turkish Café "Songs inside"

    Veronica Punzo, voice
    Julián Corradini, guitar and voice
    Simone Giorgini, double bass and voice
    Luca Cingolani, drums
  • Wednesday, August 7 at 21:30
    Accademia 56 and Teatro Terra di Nessuno
    The Infinite Returns of Ulysses
    With Laura De Carlo, reciting voice, Alessandro Pertosa, narrator, and Alessandro Pellegrini, musical accompaniment.
    A navigation through the waves of Western literature, reflecting the countless reinterpretations of Ulysses, the hero of many talents, who first dared to challenge the infinite.
  • Wednesday, August 14 at 21:30
    Roger Corrêa Italian Quartet

    Brazil, Italy, and Argentina, musicians and music, united in a single sound
    Roger Corrêa, accordion
    Massimo Valentini, saxophones
    Andres Langer, piano
    Matteo Salvatori, drums and percussion
  • Wednesday, August 21 at 21:30
    In collaboration with Amici della Lirica "F. Corelli" of Ancona
    Immortal Giacomo. Conceived and written by Giulio Boschetti on the occasion of the centenary of Giacomo Puccini's death.
    Noemi Umani, soprano
    Dario Di Vietri, tenor
    Giulio Boschetti, baritone
    Riccardo Serenelli, piano
    Luca Violini and Giulia Bellucci, narrating voices


During the Sensi d'Estate evenings, the Museo Omero's Design Collection will be open from 21:00 to 24:00. Exceptionally, admission will be free on these evenings. Last admission 30 minutes before closing.


The shows are free and take place outdoors, in the courtyard of the Mole Vanvitelliana, which this year can host up to a maximum of 199 seats.
Reservation is mandatory on the Eventbrite platform without seat assignment.
You can also book by phone from the Thursday before the show. Please call 342 5060364 active Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, hours 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.
You can’t make a single cumulative reservation for multiple shows, which must be booked one by one.


The shows are free and take place outdoors, in the courtyard of the Mole Vanvitelliana, which this year can host up to a maximum of 199 seats.
In case of rain, the shows will be canceled.
Dog owners must always keep their four-legged friend on a leash and have a muzzle available to be worn if necessary. Guide dogs are, of course, allowed.
As in previous years, our public will be able to support the "Per il Museo Tattile Statale Omero ODV-Onlus" Association.
Sensi d'Estate 2024 is organized by the Museo Tattile Statale Omero in collaboration with the Municipality of Ancona - La Mole Ancona, Opera Società Cooperativa, Associazione "Per il Museo Tattile Statale Omero" ODV-Onlus and with the support of volunteers from the Servizio Civile Universale.