The technical services of the Museum are currently managed by the Temporary Business Association made up of OPERA Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS and Coopculture. This association has provided us with operators who have many years of experience in creating activities for every kind of visitor, especially for visually-impaired people.

Coordination and secretariat of the Presidency: Annalisa Trasatti.
Coordination: Tania Martini.
Organizational secretariat and music services: Giulia Cester.
Secretariat: Francesca Giuliodori, Donata Vicedomini.
Learning Department: Manuela Alessandrini, Cristina Giuliani, Maria Giulia Mengarelli, Francesca Santi.
Communication Department: Monica Bernacchia, Damiano Boriani, Greta Strum, Alessia Varricchio.
Collection and typhlo-didactic services: Maria Giulia Mengarelli, Massimiliano Trubbiani.
Reception: Patrizia Calderone.


The administrative officials from the Municipality of Ancona in service at the Museo Omero are: Marina Azzini, Deanna Giuliani, Simone Marconi.