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Transparent administration

This section and the related subsections are under construction as per LEGISLATIVE DECREE 14 March 2013, n. 33 – Reorganization of the regulations concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations (13G00076).

  1. General provisions
  2. Organization
  3. Consultants and collaborators
  4. Personnel
  5. Calls for applications
  6. Performance
  7. Controlled entities
  8. Activities and procedures
  9. Measures
  10. Controls on businesses
  11. Calls for tenders and contracts
  12. Grants, contributions, subsidies and economic benefits
  13. Balance sheets
  14. Real estate and asset management
  15. Controls and findings on administration
  16. Services provided
  17. AdministrationPayments
  18. Public Works
  19. Territorial planning and governance
  20. Environmental information
  21. Private and accredited health facilities
  22. Extraordinary and emergency interventions
  23. Other contents
  24. Electronic invoicing