The Museo Omero advanced courses

Modelling a work

The Museo Omero also offers advanced courses that discuss in detail some of the topics covered in our “Accessibility to museum heritage and the artistic and aesthetic education of people with visual impairment” Training Course, which is why participation is reserved to a small number of students.

There are two in-depth courses: “The tactile reading of works of art: methods, tools and resources” and “Images through touch: pedagogical and methodological aspects”. Topics covered: notes on the education of touch, on the Braille reading and writing system; reading sculptural, architectural and pictorial works and archaeological finds; tactile books for children, the representation of space, the grammar of visual language through touch, the relief translation of architecture and painting, as well as practical exercises and didactic applications.

Both courses are taught by the staff of the Omero Museum and by Andrea Sòcrati, our special projects contact person.