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ArteInsieme Biennial 2013

disegno terzo paradiso
Terzo Paradiso Michelangelo Pistoletto

Fifth edition

This initiative is promoted by the Museo Omero, the “Edgardo Mannucci” art school in Ancona, the ARISM – F.A.D.I.S. (Regional Association of Specialised Teachers of The Marches Region – Federation of Associations of Teachers for Inclusive Education), in collaboration with the Directorate General for Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art – Service V Architecture and Contemporary Art, and the General Directorate for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage – the Centre for Educational Services for museums and territory of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, and with the Marches Regional Education Office.

Founded in 2003, the European Year of the Disabled, ArteInsieme aims to promote the educational and social integration of people with disabilities and people who have difficulties of access arising from their culture of origin or their disadvantaged social condition, through the appreciation of art and artistic expression as resources for education and personal growth for all.

ArteInsieme (Art together) is characterised by its emphasis on education and awareness-raising. It will also promote initiatives to facilitate visually-handicapped people’s access to cultural heritage and museums, and encourage young people to develop their sensitivity to issues of “diversity” and their knowledge of the main protagonists and the many different languages ​​of contemporary art.

Stage One – Invitation to take part

The biennial is aimed at schools and museums, in particular those dedicated to contemporary art.

The schools which have been invited to attend the event are: the comprehensive schools (Elementary and Junior Secondary schools) with the ArteInsieme Totem Sensoriale project, the Art Schools, the Academies of Fine Arts with ArteInsieme Arti Visivi, Junior Secondary schools specialising in music, Music and Dance High Schools and Conservatories with the ArteInsieme Musica.

Members of the ArteInsieme Scientific Committee include the Director of the Museo Omero, Aldo Grassini, famous personalities such as Philippe Daverio, Alessio Vlad, Artistic Director of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Angelo Foletto, music critic and Maria Grazia Bellisario, the director of the Service V of the Ministry of Culture. The event also enjoys the collaboration of S’ed, Centre for Educational Services for the museum and the territory, through the scientific contribution of its coordinator Patrizia De Socio.

The patron of ArteInsieme Visual Arts is the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.
The patron of ArteInsieme Music is the composer Nicola Piovani.

This event is our contribution to “Ancon(r)a 2400 times” – the 2400th anniversary celebrations of the foundation of Ancona.

Second phase – Applications and events

After the first phase of gathering the applications and materials comes the time for the 2013 ArteInsieme Biennale’s numbers and events.

18 museums, mostly of modern and contemporary art, both Italian and foreign, will be offering activities in the months of May and June. These are designed to encourage participation by disabled visitors, not least by permitting tactile exploration of the collection. Participating galleries include the Reina Sofia (Madrid), the MAXXI (Rome), the Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Milan) and the MART (Rovereto).

22 Italian schools of every level, including the Academies of Fine Arts and the Conservatories, have created works of art and compositions inspired by Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Third Paradise” and Nicola Piovani’s “My friend”.

11 schools and secondary schools have created sensory totems (information points for the visually handicapped) to be placed at some of the main monuments of their cities.

22 schools, day care-centres and associations are taking part in the ArteInsieme HAPPENING in Ancona on 24th May: a day full of colour, music and fun inspired by art and integration.

The list of the Biennale events scheduled for the months of May, June and July 2013 is being constantly updated.


  • 11 and 12, 18 and 19 May: Ancona – NoteinLIS – Visual music workshops
  • May 11 to 19: Sassari – T’Art: the touch of art
  • May 15-June 2: Loreto – Art at the Centre
  • May 15: Rome – Multi-sensory paths in the Historic Villa Museums at Villa Gori and Villa Torlonia
  • May 21: Milan – Sensory Totems at the Gallery of Modern Art
  • May 24: Ancona – Happening
  • May 25: Rome – Multi-sensory paths in the Historic Villa Museums, Museo Pietro Canonica
  • May 28: Ancona – Live Music and poetry evening
  • May 29: Ancona – Conference / Entertainment – Art in all senses
  • June 1: Rome – Multi-sensory paths in the Historic Villa Museums, Museo Carlo Bilotti – Villa Borghese Orangery
  • June 5: Rome – Multi-sensory paths in the Historic Villa Museums, Museo della Casina delle Civette – Villa Torlonia
  • June 18 Rivoli (Turin) – Inhabiting the senses. Perception experiences, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Special events at the Maxxi in Rome for ArteInsieme