Scultura originale Manichini coloniali, di Giorgio De Chirico


Opening times in Summer (15 June - 15 September): Tuesday to Friday 6 pm - 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 1 pm; 6 pm - 10 pm


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Touching art

An unthinkable aim until very recently.

Touching art

is not only for those who can't exploit light and enjoy images. It can also help everyone discover new and richer ways of perceiving.

Touching art

is a way of perceiving which is forbidden in almost every museum, an approach to aesthetic pleasure which has hardly been explored by the non-sighted, in spite of its profound epistemological importance. And yet, there is a museum in Italy which has made tactile observation its main channel of learning.

Touch faces, bodies, gestures, expressions, discover volumes and perspective with your own hands.

The Museo Tattile Statale Omero was created to fill this gap in the range of cultural services for the non-sighted, and also to offer an innovative space where artistic perception passes through multi-sensory, rather than just visual, stimuli.


The Museo Tattile Statale Omero of Ancona is situated in Mole Vanvitelliana. Opening times: In Summer (15 June - 15 September): Tuesday to Friday 6 pm - 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 1 pm; 6 pm - 10 pm. In winter (16 September - 14 June): Tuesday to Saturday 4 pm - 7 pm; Sunday and public holidays 10 am- 1 pm and 4 pm - 7 pm. Groups can book visits outwith the usual opening times. Closed: Mondays, 25 and 31 December, 1 May, 15 August. Free admission.

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